Older Americans Like Obamacare Plans The Least – Yahoo News

But younger and healthier customers also use their coverage less which is why older customers are more expensive to insure. The same goes for women, who were charged higher premiums before Obamacare banned the practice because they use far more health care services on average than men do. The older customers between ages 50 and 64 are likely using their exchange health plans more and are hit harder by the narrower networks and higher out-of-pocket costs that have become a hallmark of the health care law. The trend is buffeted by the respondents satisfaction with different level of exchange plans as well. The top-notch exchange plans, rated gold and platinum, have by far the highest premiums, but also the best coverage. Customers that can afford it shell out for a hefty monthly premium, but enjoy a wider choice of health care providers and lower deductibles to boot. Those who are most focused on cost and choose bronze and silver plans, which have much lower premiums, were far less satisfied with their health care plans, according to the survey. Theyre certainly more budget conscious and a lot of them are trying to get the most bang for their buck, said Rick Johnson, senior director of J.D.
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Here’s the Next Problem Obamacare Faces: People Are Using It – Yahoo News

In many ways, thats good news. Urgent care is now a $14.5 billion industry, The New York Times reported Thursday.The centers are more affordable and convenient, they put less strain on the health care system, and theyre well equipped to address minor medical issues. Hospitals are opening clinics, and Wall Street investors are buying stakes in some of the larger groups of urgent care centers. Its easy to see why this industry is a good financial investment. The Times describes the urgent care model as a way to treat many patients as quickly as possible” and describes one clinic where patients are typically seen and treated within 30 minutes. However, urgent care facilities are not a stand-in for a primary care physician. Theyre relatively unregulated, and these powerful, interested investors could seek to limit the development of broader regulations in the future. Because the centers are growing rapidly, they sometimes dont provide consistent levels of care.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://news.yahoo.com/heres-next-problem-obamacare-going-face-people-using-222140754.html

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