Obamacare Approval Just 40 Percent [cnn Poll]

Just taking it at face value, however, its clear Obamacare approval is pretty hard to come by. While less than one in five claim to be benefitting from the law, close to double that 35 percent tell CNN and ORC (the poll administrators) that theyre worse off than they were before. Daniel Garza , Executive Director of conservative watchdog group The LIBRE Initiative, reiterates as much in a statement: Supporters of the new health care law insist it is working well, but Americans simply do not agree. Fewer than 1 in 5 say they have benefited from the law while twice as many say they have been hurt by it. Its time the president and his allies stopped pretending. The numbers will not improve once people feel the effects of more rate increases, and millions begin paying the escalating tax penalty for not complying with it.
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Obamacare Could Go Back to the Supreme Court – Yahoo News

A link has been sent. Done Obamacare Could Go Back to the Supreme Court By Brianna Ehley 6 minutes ago 0 shares View photo Obamacare Could Go Back to the Supreme Court It looks like the presidents health care law might be heading back to the Supreme Court, as two conflicting federal appeals court rulings today threw the fate of Obamacare back into question. The issue this time is over subsidies provided to people who signed up for health coverage through the federal exchange. Four cases have challenged the laws language, which states that subsidies would be available to those enrolled through an exchange established by the State. The plaintiffs in each case argue that the law does not permit people enrolled through the federal marketplace to receive subsidies. Related: Court Challenges to Subsidies Threaten Obamacare Today, two courts issued their rulingsboth arriving at opposite conclusionscementing the likelihood that the case ends up at the Supreme Court. There is a very good chance that this goes to the Supreme Court, said Mark Rust, Managing Partner at Barnes & Thornburg, LLP in Chicago. He added that differing results in the circuit courts all but guarantees a Supreme Court case. The first decision came early Tuesday morning from a three-judge panel within the U.S.
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Obamacare Fraud Controls Found Severely Lacking – Yahoo News

Two of the fake applicants submitted similarly fake supporting documentation, which was verified by contractors managing the online exchanges. Three submitted nothing at all, and continue to receive the subsidies. Rep Charles Boustany Jr. (R-LA), the chairman of the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee, said the failure of the exchanges to verify that recipients of government subsidies actually deserved them ought to be a non-partisan issue. Related: Senate Zeroes in on Inflated Hepatitis-C Drug Cost This is not simply a question of whether one likes the Presidents health care law or the way his Administration has gone about implementing it, he said in a statement prepared for the hearing. The question is whether the Administration is being a good steward of taxpayer dollars and is putting in place adequate controls to protect those dollars from fraud, waste, and abuse. The history of the health care laws implementation suggests the answer is no. The GAO also tried to test how many people charged with delivering in-person assistance to applicants would actively encourage applicants to misstate their income in order to qualify for a federal subsidy. The good news is that in 100 percent of the cases in which investigators reached an assister, there was no evidence encouraging fraud.
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