Obamacare: Little-known Provision Allows Californians Stuck In Bad Plans To Switch – San Jose Mercury News

Older Americans Like Obamacare Plans The Least – Yahoo News

But when he arrived at one of his doctors’ offices in January for an appointment, he was told the new plan wouldn’t be accepted. When he contacted Anthem, he said, a company representative apologized and offered the solution Ng outlined. Crary said he told the representative that was unacceptable because the plan he had purchased was supposed to be good for the calendar year. “What if I fall and break my leg and I have to get an out-of-network doctor?” Crary said. “How is this an ethical business model?” So Crary last month called Covered California and explained his situation. He said the representative told him: “Well, you basically have a plan you cannot use.” Covered California allowed him and his wife to select a plan that would meet their needs, in this case a HealthNet plan that most of their doctors accept.
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Customers that can afford it shell out for a hefty monthly premium, but enjoy a wider choice of health care providers and lower deductibles to boot. Those who are most focused on cost and choose bronze and silver plans, which have much lower premiums, were far less satisfied with their health care plans, according to the survey. Theyre certainly more budget conscious and a lot of them are trying to get the most bang for their buck, said Rick Johnson, senior director of J.D. Powers health care practice. In that case, youre not going to be thrilled about having to make that purchase. The survey also found that those who used the notoriously glitchy Obamacare websites reported having the worst experience signing up for coverage. Many of those who attempted to sign up for coverage through Obamacare exchanges had problems completing enrollment and were stymied by technical problems and the exchanges lack of information about the health coverage it was actually selling.
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