Obamacare Botch Fuels Dem Feud In Maryland

Still, no matter how nasty the primary gets, the party certainly is favored to win the November election, considering only two Republicans have taken the governorship since the late 1960s. The Democratic primary is next June. Though Gansler continues to hammers away at Brown and the rollout debacle, he faces criticism about using the situation to right his struggling campaign, in which he calls himself an early and ardent supporter of President Obamas health care reform law. His campaign problems began in August when an audiotape surfaced in which Gansler suggests Brown, who is black, was relying more on his race than his successes. The incident was followed by revelations in October that Gansler forced his State Police detail to break traffic laws to get him to appointments and that he stopped by a summer beach bash attended by his son and fellow graduating seniors where underage drinking seemingly was taking place. Gansler has never denied the allegations but has accused the Brown campaign of dirty tricks. [Gansler] made some stupid mistakes but hes a good candidate, Democratic strategist David Heller, president of Main Street Communications, told FoxNew.com on Tuesday. Hes very smart and a great fundraiser.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/12/24/obamacare-fallout-turns-into-party-feud-for-democrats/

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